Our founder, Zenn, fell in love with baking two decades ago after her mum taught her how to bake her first cake.

Her hobby soon became a small home-baking business where she sold her cakes to family and friends. Through the years, her cakes became well known for their flavours and unique textures. Thanks to the word of mouth, business gradually grew to the point that she saw the need for a bigger oven and storefront. Cake Spade was conceptualized and established in the year 2013 under Zenn’s vision to operate as a daily cake store – serving cakes that are comforting to be enjoyed as a daily treat, not just the occasional indulgence.

“Dessert is an important symbol used to mark celebrations. At Cake Spade, every piece should not only look good, it must taste delicious too!” - Zenn

Her desire to perfect her craft fueled her decision to enroll in a pastry school.

Since graduating, she has worked at the bustling pastry kitchen of Shangri-La Hotel and moved on to head the pastry kitchen of Singapore’s pioneer and leading ice-cream parlour.

Having honed her skills in multiple professional set-ups, Zenn decided to enter the local foray with her very own bakery in Tanjong Pagar – Cake Spade. Drawing inspiration from the bustling baking scene in America and being cognizant of Singapore’s taste for desserts, she ventured into the relatively unknown American cake varieties which she thinks fit the locals’ palate. In addition to the signature Strawberry Tofu Cheesecake, creations such as Red Velvet Cheesecake, Pandan Mao Shan Wang Durian Cake, Mississippi S’mores Cake, Tiramisu, Speculoos Cookie Butter Cheesecake, Lychee Rose Cake and the Hummingbird Cake were introduced to overwhelming response – drawing a strong reputation as a daily cake store.

Cake Spade is a one-stop dessert store with many of our delectable offerings available for dine-in, take-out and delivery!

Cakes, warm-baked desserts, frozen desserts, gourmet coffee & tea- The list of tantalizing treats in our store seem to go on. Dessert is an important part of a well-orchestrated meal and it is also a symbol used to mark celebrations. At Cake Spade, every bite of a cake is important and every bite must taste good. To achieve the perfect bite, each cake is carefully constructed with different layers, different textures and contrasting flavors. Quite rustic and old-fashioned at heart, at Cake Spade, we strongly believe in baking from scratch and using the best fresh ingredients. We bake in a kitchen of heavenly aromas using delicious recipes written on chocolate-smudged pages, and lots of love going into each and every slice of cake. With no use of chemical stabilizers and shortenings to extend the shelf-life of our cakes and pastries, we trust our sweets taste so good that they won’t be sitting around for too long!

With her dream team of bakers, cake artists and caketenders, Cake Spade has supplied an assortment of desserts for many events and parties.

Our store offers a wide range of cakes, crumble and brownies bars, cookies, cupcakes, tarts, warm & comforting pastries and an array of beverages. Swing by for a date!